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    907. Prayer in certain places is makrÙh; amongst them are:
    1. In a bath;
    2. On a salt marsh;
    3. Facing a person;
    4. Facing a door that is open;
    5. On a highway, street or alleyway if it is not a cause of inconvenience for others. If it is, then inconveniencing others is forbidden;
    6. Facing a fire or a lantern;
    7. In the kitchen or any place where there is a furnace.
    8. Facing a well or a hole in the ground that is used for urination;
    9. Facing a photo or a statue of a body that possesses a spirit, unless a curtain is drawn over it;
    10. In a room where a junub (a person in the state of janÁbah) is present;
    11. In a place where the face of a living creature is present, even if it is not facing the person offering prayer.
    12. Facing a grave;
    13. On top of a grave;
    14. Between two graves;
    15. In a graveyard;

    908. It is recommended for a person to place an object in front of himself if he is praying in a passageway or facing somebody. In this case it will be sufficient to place a rope or a stick in front oneself.

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