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    1165. It is makrÙh to turn one’s face slightly to the right or left, in a manner that one would not say he has turned away from the qiblah. Otherwise (if he turns away from it), his prayer will be invalid as it has already been elaborated.
    It is similarly makrÙh to close one’s eyes, turn them to the right or left, play with one’s beard or hands, interlock the fingers of one hand in another, to spit, or to look at the script of the Qur’an, the writing in a book, or the inscription on a ring.
    It is also makrÙh to become silent while reciting sÙrat al-FÁtiÎah, the second sÙrah, or a dhikr, in order to hear somebody speak. In fact, any act that destroys the state of humility is makrÙh.

    1166. It is makrÙh to offer prayer in the state of drowsiness, or while withholding one’s need to urinate or defecate. It is similarly makrÙh to wear tight socks that are a cause of pressure on the feet. A list of makrÙh acts, other than the aforementioned ones have been elaborated in more detailed texts.

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