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    1665. A number of acts are makrÙh for one who is fasting. Some of these are:
    1. Putting medicine in the eyes, or applying kohl, if its taste or smell reaches the throat
    2. Performing any task that weakens the body, such as drawing blood or taking a shower
    3. Snuffing (tobacco), if one does not know that it will reach the throat. In the event that he knows it will reach the throat, it is not permissible to snuff it
    4. Smelling fragrant herbs
    5. Sitting in water, for women
    6. Using a suppository
    7. Wetting the clothes that one is wearing
    8. Getting a tooth pulled out, or any other task that causes bleeding in the mouth
    9. Brushing the teeth with a wet stick
    10. To put water or any other liquid in the mouth without a valid reason.
    It is also makrÙh for a man to kiss his wife without the intention of ejaculating, or to do anything that would sexually excite him. Of course, if he does it with the intention of ejaculating, his fast will be void.

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