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    1666. If a person enters the state of janÁbah during a night of the month of Ramadan, and according to the details that were elaborated in article 1636, he wakes up and then goes to sleep again, not waking up until the fajr adhÁn, he will only have to fast the qaÃÁ of that day. However, if a person intentionally commits another act which invalidates his fast, he will have to fast its qaÃÁ and pay its kaffÁrah if he knew that the act will invalidate his fast. The same will apply if he knew that the act is forbidden, but did not know that it invalidates a fast, such as ascribing a lie to God, the prophet or the Infallible Imams (Peace be upon them all).

    1667. If a person commits an act that invalidates a fast, believing that it does not, due to his ignorance of its precepts, he will not have to pay the kaffÁrah.

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