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    1925. In addition to the previously mentioned conditions, the zakÁt of camels, cows and sheep also contains two other conditions:
    1. The animal should not have worked at all for the entire year. However, if during the entire year, the animal had worked for one or two days, the stronger view is that it will still be subject to zakÁt.
    2. The animal should have grazed in the wilderness for the entire year. Hence, if it is fed from mowed forage, or grazes on the crop that belongs to the owner or someone else, it will not be subject to zakÁt. However, if during the entire year it is fed from the owner’s forage for one or two days, then the stronger view is that it will be subject to zakÁt.

    1926. If a person rents or buys for his camels, cows or sheep a grazing field that no one has cultivated, obligatory precaution dictates that he gives their zakÁt. However, if he pays taxes to be able to graze his animals on the field, he will have to pay their zakÁt.

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