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    2538. There are eight conditions for which suckling a child causes ma¦ram relationships:
    1. The child suckles the milk of a woman who is alive. If he suckles the milk from the breasts of a dead woman, it has no consequences.
    2. The milk of the woman should be from a legitimate relationship and not due to an unlawful act. Hence if the milk caused by adultery is breastfed to another child, the latter will not become ma¦ram to anyone.
    3. The child sucks the milk directly from the breasts of the woman. Hence, if the milk is poured into the child’s mouth, it will have no consequences.
    4. The milk should be pure and should not be mixed with anything else.
    5. The milk belongs to one husband only. Hence, if a nursing mother is divorced, and marries another man and gets pregnant and the milk belonging to the first husband still remains in her body until she delivers her baby, and for example, before giving birth she nurses the child eight times with the milk from the first husband, and she nurses the same child seven times with the milk from the second husband after giving birth, this child will not be ma¦ram to anyone.
    6. The child does not vomit the milk. If he does, then obligatory precaution dictates that the persons who are to become ma¦ram to the child on account of suckling milk, should not marry him, nor should they look at him in a manner that ma¦rams are allowed to look at each other.
    7. The child should suck milk for fifteen times, or for one day and one night (according to the next rule) to his fill, or he should suck so much milk that it can be said that the milk has made his bones stronger and caused flesh to grow in his body. If he nurses ten times, the recommended precaution is that those who become mahram to him due to suckling milk should not get married to him, and should not look at him as ma¦rams are allowed to look at each other.
    8. The child has not completed two years in age. If he is nursed after he completes two years, he will not become mahram to anyone. In fact, if for example, before he turns two, he is nursed eight times and after he turns two, he is nursed seven more times, he will not become ma¦ram to anyone.
    If, however, more than two years have passed since a woman gave birth and she still carries some milk, then if she nurses this milk to a child, this child becomes ma¦ram to those who were mentioned above.

    2539. The child should not consume food or the milk of another woman during the period of one day and one night. However, if he consumes a little bit of food, such that common sense does not consider him to have eaten within that period, it will not be problematic.
    He must also have sucked the milk of one woman for fifteen times, and should not have consumed milk from another woman between the fifteen sucklings. He should also consume the milk to his fill during each of the times, without any pauses. However, if he takes a breath whilst suckling, or pauses for a short period, such that common sense considers it as one suckling from the time he started to suckle to the time he is full, it will not be problematic.

    2540. If a woman suckles a child from the milk of her husband, and later marries another person, and then suckles a child from the milk of her second husband, the two children will not become ma¦ram to each other. It is however better that they not get married to each other, and they cannot look at each other as ma¦rams are allowed to do.

    2541. If a woman suckles multiple children with the milk from one husband, all of them become ma¦ram to one another, to the husband and to the woman who suckled them.

    2542. If a person has multiple wives, and all of them suckle a child with the previously mentioned conditions, then all of the children become ma¦ram to one another, and to the man and to all the women.

    2543. If a person has two wet-nurses, and one of them suckles a child—for example—eight times, and the other suckles them seven times, the child will not become ma¦ram to anyone.

    2544. If a woman fully nurses a boy and a girl from the milk of one husband, then the brothers and sisters of the boy will not become ma¦ram to the brothers and sisters of the girl.

    2545. A man may not marry the women who have become his wife’s nieces due to nursing, without the permission of his wife. Similarly, if a man sodomizes a boy, he cannot marry the nursing daughter, sister and mother of that boy. The same applies based on obligatory precaution with respect to the boy’s grandmother and his grand daughter. The same will also apply based on obligatory precaution in the event that the sodomizer is not b¡ligh, or the sodomized person is b¡ligh.

    2546. A woman who has nursed a man’s brother does not become ma¦ram to him, although the recommended precaution is that she should not get married to him.

    2547. A man cannot marry two sisters, even if they are nursing sisters, meaning that they are sisters to each other due to nursing. In the event that he marries two sisters, and later realizes that they are sisters, then in the event that the marriage contracts were pronounced at the same time, he is free to choose whomever he wants. If they were not pronounced at the same time, the marriage contract of the first will be valid and the contract of the second is void.

    2548. If a woman nurses the following people with the milk from her husband, her husband does not become forbidden to her, although it is better that they practice precaution in these cases:
    1. Her own brothers and sisters
    2. Her paternal and maternal aunts and uncles
    3. The children of her paternal uncles and aunts
    4. The children of her brothers
    5. The brothers or sisters of her husband
    6. The children of her sisters or the children of her husbands sisters
    7. The paternal and maternal uncles and aunts of her husband
    8. The grandchildren of her husband’s other wives.

    2549. If a woman suckles the daughter of a man’s paternal or maternal aunt, they do not become ma¦ram to him. The recommended precaution is that he should avoid marrying her.

    2550. If a man has two wives, and one of them suckles the children of the other wife’s paternal uncle, then the wife whose paternal uncle’s child suckled the milk does not become forbidden as regards her own husband.

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