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    373. Ghusl by immersion is realized by immersing the entire body underwater, and to claim that it can also be realized when a part of the body is already in water, and the remainder is then immersed in it, is problematic. Based on obligatory precaution, the immersion should occur in a manner that the common understanding of an instantaneous immersion should hold true of it.

    374. In a ghusl by immersion, based on obligatory precaution one should maintain the intention of performing ghusl from the time the first part of the body is immersed in water, to the immersion of the last part.

    375. If one realizes after performing ghusl that water has not reached a part of his body, whether he knows the exact area or not, he has to perform ghusl all over again.

    376. If one does not possess time to perform a sequential ghusl, but possesses time to perform ghusl by immersion, he should perform ghusl by immersion.

    377. One who has put on iÎrÁm for Îajj or Þumrah cannot perform ghusl by immersion. As for the one who is fasting, the ruling for his case has been mentioned in article 1625.

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