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    One of the different types of bloods discharged from a woman’s womb is the blood of istiÎÁÃah, and a woman who is in the state of istiÎÁÃah is referred to as a mustaÎÁÃah.

    398. The blood of istiÎÁÃah in most cases is cold and yellow in colour. It is not discharged with pressure, nor does it cause irritation, and neither is it thick. However, it is possible that at times it may be dark or red in colour, warm, thick, irritating, or discharged with pressure.

    399. IstiÎÁÃah is of three types: qalÐlah (light), mutawassiÔah (medium), and kathÐrah (heavy).
    If the blood only stains the surface of a piece of cotton that is inserted in the vaginal area, but does not soak it, the istiÎÁÃah will be termed qalÐlah.
    If it soaks the piece of cotton, albeit a section of it, but does not stain the menstrual pad, or any other absorbent item that a woman would normally wear to absorb the flow of blood, the istiÎÁÃah will be termed mutawassiÔah.
    If it soaks the piece of cotton, and stains the menstrual pad as well, the istiÎÁÃah will be termed kathÐrah.

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